Students & Parents - September

Welcome to another school year and more great opportunities to read with your children. All students have now received an orientation to the library and three important pieces of information:
When are library books due?
By now students will have told you which day is their library day. That is the day all books are returned and new books are checked out. Generally books are on loan for one week unless the student is still reading it. If you child doesn’t know which day is their library day, you may call the Library at 674-8519 and Mr. Goldsmith will give you the information.

With Christmas break approaching, all students and teachers are asked to bring their library books in by Dec 11th. Any students or teachers who still have library books out after that date will be notified.

How to Care for Library Books
Your child will also have talked with you about choosing a safe, dry place in your home to keep library books. A safe spot keep books from being accidentally damaged and parents know where they are. Students are required to pay to replace damaged and lost books, so it is important to keep them in a place safe from pets, younger siblings and food spills. A bookshelf or dresser may be a safe place; the kitchen counter or on the floor is likely not.
Bag-your-book FIRST!
Library books only go in a backpack after books are first put in a plastic bag. The plastic bag protects library books from everything else that is inside a backpack – pens, food, wet clothing, and leaking juice boxes. Please assist your child in finding a clean, dry plastic bag to put their library books in. A sturdy grocery bag will work well. Help your child get into the habit of FIRST placing all library books inside a clean, dry plastic bag and then putting them in the back pack to protect the library’s books and your wallet. A new, sturdy bag is available at the school library desk for 25 cents.
Coming up – Scholastic Book Fair
Book Fair is from April 6-13. Look for more information in April about Book Fair. Parents available to help with Book Fair please call Grace at the Library.
Alberta Culture Days and Bench Show Sept. 25-27
Be part of an entire weekend of celebrations Sept. 25-27 in Barrhead. Enter the Bench Show which is being held here in BES. Show off your creations in art, photos, knitting, cooking etc. Entry forms are available in the Library. Enter often and have fun!
Have a totally awesome, reading--full school year everyone
Mrs. Dickie and Library Staff