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Happening in your Library


Year at a glance

School Library Calendar

AUGUST 27 Open house in Library for teachers: sign up for class library time, browse new books and theme boxes. Complete class profile and curriculum outline.

SEPTEMBER 2-5 Library Instruction to Div l and ll classes on ‘Library rules’ Note: all classes visit the Library this week.

SEPTEMBER Art in the Library: Display by Barrhead Photo Club. Also Sept. 26-28 Alberta Culture Days displays.

SEPTEMBER 8 Library Bear contest begins – Div I classes with best record for returning books on time receive rewards.

SEPTEMBER 8-11 ~ Library Instruction for Div ll classes “Using library catalogues to find books”
Sign up your class for Library Instruction even if you choose not to schedule a weekly library period.

SEPTEMBER 22 Author visit for Grade 6 students. An Alberta Culture Days event.

OCTOBER 9 Taleblazers Visiting Storyteller Marianne Lippiatt with grade ones.

OCTOBER 20-24 ~ Scholastic Book Fair Week. Classes attend Book Fair in regular library class time or by booking time.

NOVEMBER 1-DECEMBER 10 Art in the Library: Mixed Media by Laurie Bentz.

NOVEMBER 12 LIBRARY ROUND TABLE MEETING 3:35pm in BES Staffroom. Library Reps attend.

DECEMBER 15to JANUARY 16 Art in Library: BCHS Students Art Show

DECEMBER ~ Announcement of Rocky Mountain Book Awards and Young Reader’s Choice Awards nominees.
Division II classes register to vote for favorite books.

DECEMBER 15~ Students return all library books for Christmas break. Staff renew all library books

JANUARY 12-16 ~ “Information Challenge” for Div II classes.

JANUARY 19 Young Writers Club begins, Tuesdays at noon hour in the Library for 8 weeks.

FEBRUARY Art in the Library: Mixed Media.

MARCH Art in the Library. To be announced.

MARCH 20 ~Students and staff renew all library books for Spring Break.

MARCH 23-March 27 ~ Spring Break – Library open

APRIL Art in the Library. To be announced.

APRIL 13-17 ~ Scholastic Book Fair Week . Classes attend in regular library class time or by booking a time.

April 15 LIBRARY ROUND TABLE MEETING 3:35pm. Library reps attend.

MAY Art in the Library. To be announced.

JUNE Art in the Library: To be announced.

JUNE 15 Students return all books

Prize for first class to return all books!!!

JUNE 22 Staff return all library books


Information about the Library

First Days of School: Please expect check-out to be slow at this time.

Library instruction: Library staff provides instruction to all classes on library rules at the beginning of the year and again at the beginning of January. As well, in September, Div. II classes receive instruction on locating items in the Library and using basic reference resources. In January they participate in a quiz (Information Challenge) to further their library skills. “Passports to Reading” introduces genres and nonfiction classifications and encourages reading a variety of book styles. Instruction on other topics is available on request.

Students are encouraged to use the library when preparing for heritage fair, science fair and other projects. Contact the Library School Desk to schedule a date and time for additional assistance.

Check out time: Teachers are asked to approve students reading choices before the student checks out books. Beginning in September Div II teacher or PA uses library computer to sign out student books. This allows Mr. Goldsmith the opportunity to assist students with choosing books. Beginning in January, Div I teacher or PA uses library computer to sign out student books.

Library cards:

All BES Staff receive school library privileges free of charge. Staff is asked to return library items in a timely manner. Important note: staff is charged for items that are damaged or lost.

Books for personal use requires a current Barrhead or TAL public library card and overdue or lost books are subject to fines and fees. . An adult card is $12/year.

BES students pay $1 in Grade 1 for a school library card which they use during school hours from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. A school library card is valid only during school hours.

Students (and/or their family) may also have a public library card with which they may borrow materials before school, at lunch recess and after school. A public library card for children up to 18 years of age may be purchased for $5/year. A family membership is $20/year.

Borrowing limits:
Recommended borrowing guidelines for students are:
Kindergarten 1 book
Grade 1 1 book
Grade 2 2 books
Grades 3 and 4 3 books
Grades 3/4F 4 books (2 English, 2 French)
Grades 5, 6 and 5/6F 4 books

Note: A magazine is considered a book. Audio books and book-with-cassette or book-with-CD may be borrowed at the discretion of the teacher. DVD’s, videos, and CD’s are not loaned out on student school library cards.

Loan period:
Teachers: 3 weeks for books, 1 week for magazines, videos and DVD’s
Students: 3 weeks HOWEVER, students are strongly encouraged to return items weekly

Return Books to Library at 9am. On Library Day, teachers are strongly encouraged to gather up returning library books and return them to the library at 9am.

Holds and Interlibrary Loans:
Local holds (holds on books owned by Barrhead Public Library) by teachers and students may be placed using the library catalogue computers or asking at the School Desk. Teachers only may place outside holds (on books owned by other libraries) by asking for assistance at the School Desk.

A book may be renewed up to two times (9 weeks). The student must bring the book to the School Desk each time when renewing it. Students are to consult with their teacher before requesting Library Staff renew a book for them.

Students are not charged overdue fines. Overdue notices are placed in teacher’s mailbox to be passed on to students. Students are responsible for paying to replace their damaged or lost books.
Forgotten Library Books Students with overdue library books may take out additional books only with permission of their teacher.

Each student uses a paddle (paint stick) while selecting books from shelves Paddles are kept at the School Desk. Additionally, each class receives four library paddles. The class number is written on them. These paddles act as a library pass for students visiting the Library at recess and outside regular library class time. Please rotate the use of these paddles so all students may have the opportunity to come to the Library at recess time. Note: students who misbehave at recess will be sent back to their classroom.

Book Bags
Students are to use a waterproof plastic bag to carry library books to and from school. The bag protects books from leaky water bottles and/or damp clothing inside a backpack. Book bags are available at the School Desk for a cost of 25 cents. Please remind students to bring a quarter to purchase a bag (if needed) and to use their book bag all through the year.

Young Adult Status
Students in Grades 5 and 6 may apply for a Young Adult library card. A signed parent consent form is required. They are available at the School Desk. With this card a student may borrow books and magazines from the young adult collection.

Other Services

Teacher Resources Collection
A few Teacher resource materials may be found in the Reference Collection. The IMF has a large collection of teacher resource materials which may be ordered online.

Library Round Table
In November and in April, a teacher from each grade meets with the Library Director and School Desk staff to plan library services for students and teachers. First meeting will be November 12 at 3:35 p.m. in Conference Room 1.

Internet use by the general student population during school hours isn’t permitted. Please see the librarian for special circumstances, including class research and use of the accessible computer station.

Art in the Library
Each month a new art exhibit is mounted in the Library. Classes are welcome to take time to view the artwork on display. Teachers are encouraged to use the educational material that accompanies some exhibits.

Book Tubs
Tubs with grade and subject appropriate library books are available for use in your classroom. Please give us 48 hours notice to assemble the tubs. More information is available at the school desk.

For more information on this or anything else, please talk with Daniel Goldsmith, Elaine Dickie or any Library staff member. We are here to help – just ask! Mrs. Dickie and Library Staff