TRAC & TAL Users

The Barrhead Public Library is a member of the Yellowhead Regional Library system (YRL), the TRAC consortium and The Alberta Library System (TAL). Simply, this means that membership at one library can allow you to access to materials and resources at another library.

TRAC Cards
All library cards issued by the Barrhead Public Library are TRAC cards, meaning that users can use that card at any TRAC member library and may borrow any materials listed on the TRACpac catalogue.  

For example, Jenny has a library card from the Westlock library but wants to borrow books from the Barrhead Library. She can just walk into the Barrhead Library and use her Westlock library card. When it’s time to return her books, she can choose to drop them off at either Westlock or Barrhead.  

TRAC cards can be used to order in books to your home library. For example, Josh really wants to borrow a CD that the Barrhead Library doesn’t have. He can go online to, log in with his library card barcode and PIN, surf the catalogue and request the CD from the Leduc Public Library. The CD will then be shipped to the Barrhead Library so Josh can pick it up.

TAL Cards
When a person who resides outside of the TRAC region has a membership at their home library but wants to take out books at the Barrhead Library, they need to have a TAL barcode on their library card.

TAL barcodes are free and allow ‘guest’ access to many of Alberta’s public libraries, but must be issued by the person’s home library. The Barrhead Public Library cannot loan items to persons residing outside of the TRAC region without a TAL barcode. Some borrowing restrictions may apply for TAL users.
For example, Roger and Alice live in Edmonton but have a cabin at Thunder Lake where they stay each summer. They are regular users of the Edmonton Public Library during the rest of the year but wanted to be able to borrow books in Barrhead to read at their cabin. Roger went to his favourite branch of the EPL and asked for a TAL barcode. Now, he can borrow books from the Barrhead Library all summer long!

TRAC and TAL Regions

Map of TRAC and TAL service regions